Alfriston | 12th – 15th March 2016

After the drive down to Alfriston, it was boots on and up onto the downs. The sun broke through the mist for a little while and shone on us as we walked from Bostal Hill to Firle Beacon. The mist never really cleared from the valley bottom giving the view an eerie feel. When the…
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Sunshine, Showers and Flowers in Bellevaux | December 2014

Twenty-six of us arrived at Hotel Les Moineaux in the late afternoon of Saturday, 9th June. The whole family, whom Barbara has known for 25 years, welcomed us and invited us to a drink in the bar before dinner. On Sunday, both groups took the short bus trip to L’Ermont (1100m.). The Sportifs set off…
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The Island of Eternal Spring | December 2012

Fourteen of us took part in the RRC trip to Gran Canaria in December. The island has been called a continent in miniature, because of the variety it offers, but I like the appellation “island of eternal spring”. It is wetter and greener in the North and much more arid in the South, but we…
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La Gomera | December 2011

Travelling to the island involves a 4 hour flight to Tenerife and then 2 long ferry trips. However the effort in getting there is well rewarded on arrival. The island has spectacular mountains, valleys, gorges, forests, and coastal cliffs. Our hotel, The Gran Rey, faced the sea with mountains and gorges at the rear. Having…
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