Club Trip to The Lake District, 12th to 16th October 2020.

On Monday afternoon, 7 set off from the National Trust main car park at Tarn Hows towards the tarn.  There were Belted Galloways and Herdwick sheep grazing around the tarn and a red squirrel which some of us were lucky enough to spot.

Tarn Hows was created from 3 natural tarns by James Garth Marshall of Monk Coniston who dammed the outflow of one of the tarns.  He planted hundreds of trees, with the intention of removing the caretaker conifers once the broadleaf trees were established.  However, he died before his plan was realised.  A fungal like pathogen, phytophtora ramorum, is attacking many larch trees in the area and removal of these diseased trees is ongoing.  Perhaps, the original views around the tarn planned by Marshall will be seen in the future when the dominance of the conifers is curbed.

After circuiting the tarn, 6 of us proceeded in the direction of Coniston via the path adjacent to the car park.  One returned to the car park via the path up towards Highmoor while the remaining 5 carried on down the slope towards Boon Crag Farm, where we turned back towards the car park via Tarn Hows Wood.


On Tuesday, 8 of us set off for Hawkshead from our hotel at Monk Coniston.  We skirted the south eastern side of Tarn Hows, along Black Beck and into Hawkshead village.

The return journey was via Hawkshead Hill.  We saw a double rainbow in the distance over to the east.  Upon reaching Tarn Hows, we headed downhill taking a loop to the west, where stunning vistas of Coniston Water hove into view, before we returned to our hotel.



On Wednesday, the majority went on the Coniston Launch to Torver jetty.  There were paddle boarding dogs on Coniston Water!  We walked uphill through woods to reach a disused railway line and on to Torver village where we saw goldfish swimming inside a red telephone box outside the Torver Deli; absolutely true.  We continued on the disused railway line to Coniston.  Half of the group decided to walk to Miner's Bridge while the rest carried on, back to Monk Coniston.


On Thursday, 6 went to climb the Old Man of Coniston starting from Walna Scar car park.  It was a fine day with a gentle breeze.  We headed west on the flatter route to Goat's Water, then climbed up to Goat's Hawse before reaching the top.  The view was magnificent.  After a leisurely lunch break, we headed down the steep zig zag path past Low Water and then cautiously down the slippery rubble strewn slope with abandoned metal hawsers from the old copper mines waiting to trip someone up.  It was a relief to walk on a firm path at the very end of the descent.

Many thanks to Hilary for organising the trip and to Hilary, Pauline, Tim, Jane and Jacky for leading the walks.

Written by Sook Rees

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