Alfriston | 12th – 15th March 2016

After the drive down to Alfriston, it was boots on and up onto the downs. The sun broke through the mist for a little while and shone on us as we walked from Bostal Hill to Firle Beacon. The mist never really cleared from the valley bottom giving the view an eerie feel. When the sun went back in again the air had a bite to it and we walked back from Firle Beacon via a choice of routes, depending on whether or not you were a rugby fan.

Day 2 Sunday – Seven Sisters.

From the hotel Group A followed the River Cuckmere to the pretty village of Litlington while Group B drove to Exeat to walk behind the coast to Birling Gap. Group A walked through Friston Forest and down through the pretty village of East Dean to the Seven Sisters, by chance meeting Group B who had enjoyed a longish coffee break. The sun had burnt off the mist, a fresh wind blew off the sea and the white cliffs reflected the mid-day sun. We roller-coastered up and down the sisters and the last leg down took us to Cuckmere Haven for a walk back along the River Cuckmere past the white horse to Alfriston.

Day 3 Monday – The Long Man.

Not a long hike but a bracing wind sped us up to Windover Hill and around the corner to the foot of the Long Man where we stopped for a cuppa. The rest of the walk was sheltered from the wind, making it warm and sunny. Lunch was enjoyed in the grounds of the fine old church at Jevington before the return journey to Alfriston. Three return routes were on offer and the group split accordingly. Another great day on the South Downs.

On the last day, walking numbers were depleted.

A big thank you to Lynda for all the travel and accommodation organisation and to John and Vyv who planned the walks. It was a great weekend, enjoyed by all.

More photos.

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