An Amazing Effort

Chairman Completes Virtual Marathon

As you are probably aware the 2020 London Marathon had been delayed until 4th October due to the Coronavirus pandemic and then only elite athletes were permitted to compete on a closed circuit in the capital.  The bulk of runners instead took part in a “virtual marathon” on a route of their own devising.  Our very own chairman, Tom, plotted his course alongside the River Kennet / Kennet and Avon canal starting and finishing at The Cunning Man pub at Burghfield Bridge.


So it was on a wet Sunday morning that he set off with two companions on the first leg to the A33 bridge and back.  Then out to Aldermaston Wharf and back to The Cunning Man before oscillating along that stretch of the towpath to complete the distance.  His support team changed throughout the day so he always had company and encouragement but how he felt can best be described in Tom’s own words.


“Very many thanks for your support yesterday, it really was useful in keeping me going and raising my spirits.  At 6hours 54mins 03secs, easily my slowest ever, the time was nothing to shout about, but add the weather to the bumpy track, to parts of the towpath under water and I suppose that wasn't too bad.  The London Marathon app was absolutely amazing, it told me how far I had run every mile, which is really encouraging and also told me where I would have been had it been the real thing, "Crossing Tower Bridge", "Passing Big Ben", and so on and each time produced shouts of encouragement from the "Crowds" and finally wild cheers as I crossed the Finish Line.


We have sailed past my target for Age UK of £420 and raised £758.60 so far.  Adding in the tax and it comes £902, thank you so much.”

A truly amazing effort under horrible conditions; it might have been called “The Virtual London Marathon” but there was surely nothing “virtual” about those 26.2 miles.


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  1. Great effort well done, I bet your feet were a bit sore with all the wet and mud. Take care of yourself.
  2. Well done Tom Such an achievement.
  3. Well done Tom, very impressive. You are a model for us all - I am pleased with myself to be able to walk for just 10 miles.

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