This is the content of the Spring 2021 Newsletter excluding what is already  within the website e.g Walks Programme and  Holiday / Event details

NEWSLETTER                      Spring 2021


It seems that there are wallabies to be spotted in the Chiltern Hills.  It is rumoured that they bounced their way over from Australia, but that seems to me to be like Fake News reminiscent of President what-was-his-name?  More likely that they escaped from a zoo.  Meanwhile we ramblers need to hold on tight as the World is speeding up and 2021 is on track to be the fastest year ever at 0.5 milliseconds faster than usual.

A new vaccine against Lyme disease is being developed by the French firm Valneva and if trials go well should be ready by 2025.  It works by stopping Borrelia, the tick-born infection, from entering the blood stream.  Treatment with antibiotics works well if the infection is caught early enough, but chronic Lyme disease is difficult to treat and very unpleasant.  Infected ticks are quite common in Berkshire as nobody treats the many deer that roam our hills.  Let us hope that the French don't ban it from being exported to the UK as I detect a certain bitterness that we have abandoned them to their EU masters.  Keep your eye on:

The 7th February marked the 90th year of the Reading Rambling Club, (and September my own 50th year). Wow!  We shall be celebrating later in the Summer.

On our Malham trip I shall be keeping an eye out for Reddycombe and Cannerhaugh, two Exmoor ponies that have been brought up from Somerset to munch their way through aggressive invasive species so helping to make room for some of our native rare plants to survive.  The ponies white snouts make them easy to spot.

Happy Rambling, (if and when).

Tom Harrison, Chairman


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To make a paper booking print the form/s at the end of the newsletter, complete and send to the organiser (along with any additional information e.g. special dietary requirements); please pay by cheque payable to Reading Rambling Club.

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