This is the content of the Winter 2021 Newsletter excluding what is already  within the website e.g Walks Programme and  Holiday / Event details

NEWSLETTER                       Winter 2021


There was a nice surprise awaiting us when we arrived for Janet's Whitchurch Hill walk, for there was Terry distributing some scrumptious cooking apples from her garden. And then on Tim & Pauline's walk, still more cooking apples from Hilary's garden. That should keep enough doctors away to see the winter out.

Some of our NHS systems seemed to be working very efficiently, I walked into our village pharmacy at the end of September and was asked "Would I like a 'flu jab?".  No waiting, job done and they notified our surgery.  So all being well I'm now churning out anti-bodies and maybe even T-cells at a rapid rate and hoping to stay fit for the winter which my bones are telling me will be long and hard with snow deep on the hills.  Maybe we shall have our first ever Club walk on cross-country skis?  That would be a nice change from our usual mud.

It was nice to have the support of my fellow ramblers who braved the stormy weather to cheer me along the Kennet towpath on my Virtual London Marathon, (my 16th) and many thanks for your generous donations to our fund raising which has reached £1,580 for Age UK.  An amazing app meant that my mobile phone burst into life with cheering crowds at all the mile markers, so that I knew exactly how far I had run.

It was a great Autumn in the New Forest with a very heavy crop of acorns, beech mast and chestnuts and so the Verderers extended pannage until Christmas.  That gave the pigs belonging to the Commoners extra time to eat up the huge crop.  Too many acorns are poisonous to the ponies, but are good for pigs, so keep an eye out for some healthy looking ponies on our March trip.

Is it marked on the map?  It seems that some 50,000 miles of footpaths are not marked on the OS maps.  After January 2026 it won't be possible to add paths to the definitive map based on historical evidence, so we need to act now folks, you know what to do.

Happy Rambling

Tom Harrison, Chairman



Events may be booked either on line or by paper form.

To make an on line booking send the organiser an email stating the information requested on the booking form/s (along with any additional information e.g. special dietary requirements) with a copy to the Treasurer, Vyv James,; please pay by on line banking, Sort Code 08 92 99, Account 65274075, include the online payment reference given on the booking form.

To make a paper booking print the form/s at the end of the newsletter, complete and send to the organiser (along with any additional information e.g. special dietary requirements); please pay by cheque payable to Reading Rambling Club.

Please do not mix methods.

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