This is the content of the Autumn 2020 Newsletter excluding what is already  within the website e.g Walks Programme and  Holiday / Event details

NEWSLETTER                       Summer 2020


In these troubled times I'm grateful to Mr. Jim Dawes for reminding us all of the things in life that really matter.  He writes: In your obituary of Little Richard you said that "Awop-bopa-loobop-alop-bopbop" was the closing line of his hit Tutti Frutti.  That was of course the opening line.  As any fule kno (sic), the closing line was Awop-bopa-loobop-alop-bamboom.

So it was with the correct lyric that I hummed my way happily towards Henley Bridge for our first Club walk for some four months.  Foolishly, I forgot to check with Janet where to park for free in Henley, so I had to stump up £7, (ouch), for just 4 hours alongside the river.  But oh, what a great walk, the scenery and of course the meeting up with rambling friends that I hadn't seen for so long.  And then the finale alongside Old Father Thames who as the song says, "Doesn't seem to worry, he doesn't seem to care".  I shall take a leaf out of his book.

Just remember folks, that happiness is like honey, you can't spread even a little of it without getting some on yourself.

Happy Autumn Rambling,

Tom Harrison, Chairman.


Long standing members may remember former club member Peter Wiltshire; sadly he passed away in July.


Events may be booked either on line or by paper form.

To make an on line booking send the organiser an email stating the information requested on the booking form/s (along with any additional information e.g. special dietary requirements) with a copy to the Treasurer, Vyv James,; please pay by on line banking, Sort Code 08 92 99, Account 65274075, include the online payment reference given on the booking form.

To make a paper booking print the form/s at the end of the newsletter, complete and send to the organiser (along with any additional information e.g. special dietary requirements); please pay by cheque payable to Reading Rambling Club.

Please do not mix methods.

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