This is the content of the Winter 2019 Newsletter excluding what is already  within the website e.g Walks Programme and  Holiday /Event details

NEWSLETTER                       Winter 2019


I got very thirsty after my recent Club walk up on to The Ridgeway, so when we got to the cafe I said to the barista "I'll have a VERY large latte please".  She said, "Is that to sit in?"  I said, "Heavens no, I'm going to drink it".

I've just been to visit Henry Grimsdale who seems to have requisitioned the Emmer Green Ward at RBH.  Henry has joined Jennifer and myself in our recently formed Reading Rambling Club Clowns Group competition.  He managed to put both legs down the same hole in his trousers and unsurprisingly go for a tumble when he tried to walk to his planned hospital appointment.  For sheer slapstick, Henry is marginally ahead on points at the moment.  Of course, in the best Jennifer tradition he remains smiling and cheerful.  My Waltham St Lawrence gentle rehabilitation stroll for the walking wounded is on hold awaiting your return Henry, so get well soon.

From now on it's many weeks of ploughing through my favourite Thames Valley mud, unless climate change deprives us of rain?  Still at least I have my new Scarpa boots to keep my feet warm and dry until we get on the plane to enjoy some rambling in the winter sunshine and warmth of Portugal at the end of February.  Incidentally, Scarpa is the Italian word for shoe and if the Italians could just get their politics to the same standard as their boot making they would be in a much better place, (but who are we to talk?).

Meanwhile I'm looking forward to our Christmas lunch, hope to see you there, but don't forget to wear your Santa hat.  Then be sure to join my Clocks Forward walk on Sunday 31st March when we gain an extra hour of daylight and make absolutely sure that we demonstrate our true Brit spirit by ignoring Central European time.

Tom Harrison - Chairman




After three years of raising the profile of Reading Rambling Club with the great Berkshire public Linda Gray is standing down as Publicity Officer.

Having given 10 years of sterling service to the committee Dave Sayer is not seeking re-appointment as an ordinary committee member.

We thank them both for their outstanding efforts and invite nominations to fill those posts.

Also, Jean Milbourn has decided she would like to do a little less so is giving up the role of sending out the printed newsletters.  Before taking on ‘post lady’ Jean organized the Wednesday walks programme so has been making valuable contributions to the running of the Club for many years and we are extremely grateful to her for everything she has done.  The Programme Secretary (Robert Hurn, 0118 950 7696, would be very pleased to hear from anyone interested in taking over packing and posting the printed newsletters.



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