This is the content of the Spring 2020 Newsletter excluding what is already  within the website e.g Walks Programme and  Holiday /Event details

NEWSLETTER                       Spring 2020


At last we've got Brexit done!  So Colin and I celebrated by playing all our old gramophone records of "Songs That Won The War"; "I'm Going to Get Lit-up When the Lights Go On In London", "There'll Be Bluebirds Over The White Cliffs of Dover", (the American Walter Kent, (appropriate surname), made his first visit to Dover nearly 50 years after he penned the melody where he presumably discovered that Bluebirds don't exist here?).  And of course we sang "Lily Marlene" and "Roll Out The Barrel", both tunes that we nicked from the Hun, (as we used to call them in the days before political correctness took hold).  Why should the Devil have all the best tunes I asked myself?  But now we must get on with the more serious business of rambling to shake out those remaining Euro cobwebs and enjoy our very own British Spring sunshine.

We had a nice pause on my recent walk at the Velo-Life cafe in Warren Row where we were made welcome in spite of our muddy boots.  However I was surprised to be told that the nasty neighbour who had tried to get the cafe shut down had moved away.  Success!

Have a great time in Brittany, but just remember that the common French expression "Nous avons besoin de la sagesse normande" does not translate as "We have need of Norman Wisdom"

Happy Rambling Folks,

Tom Harrison, Chairman


Events may be booked either on line or by paper form.

To make an on line booking send the organiser an email stating the information requested on the booking form/s (along with any additional information e.g. special dietary requirements) with a copy to the Treasurer, Vyv James,; please pay by on line banking, Sort Code 08 92 99, Account 65274075, include the online payment reference given on the booking form.

To make a paper booking print the form/s at the end of the newsletter, complete and send to the organiser (along with any additional information e.g. special dietary requirements); please pay by cheque payable to Reading Rambling Club.

Please do not mix methods.

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