Walks Programme

CORONAVIRUS 9th September

Current conditions means the Club can continue with near normal operation although we should, of course, still observe Government advice regarding social distancing and wearing face coverings, especially when visiting pubs or cafés.

It may be advisable to continue to follow the guidance given below.

Guidance for Members While on Walks

All members:

  1. Observe the social distancing rules before, during and after a walk.
  2. Not attend if feeling unwell (high temperature, persistent cough etc.), have been advised to self-isolate or living with someone who is self-isolating or displaying symptoms of Covid 19.
  3. Be prepared to stand aside when encountering anyone coming in the opposite direction.
  4. Not share items such as walking poles and minimize any contact with objects, e.g. gates, stiles etc.
  5. Where possible avoid using public transport and car sharing.
  6. Take hand sanitizer if available.
  7. The wearing of face coverings is optional depending on personal preference.
  8. Be aware your attendance on a walk will be noted and this information kept for 21 days and if necessary passed to NHS Contact Tracing.
  9. If any member becomes unwell within 48 hours of attending a walk they should apply for a Covid 19 test and inform the leader.


  1. Avoid, as far as possible, using narrow enclosed paths.
  2. Keep a note of attendees (this may be by list or photograph) for 21 days after which the information should be destroyed.
  3. If a member subsequently reports feeling unwell the leader should inform the Programme Secretary, robert.hurn@waitrose.com or any committee member who will inform NHS Contact Tracing.
  4. Leaders should carry a face covering in case of the need to approach closely to anyone.
  5. Leaders who are unable, or would prefer not, to lead their walk contact the Programme Secretary, robert.hurn@waitrose.com and I will remove the walk from the website.


You are advised to check times of public transport before use.

For a map showing the start point click on the Grid Reference - the blue letters and numbers.

New members: we usually stop for a picnic lunch on Wednesday walks.

All landline telephone numbers are Reading code (0118) unless stated otherwise

Wed 15 Sep – Henley, 6 miles.

Meet 10:30am west side of Henley Bridge near Red Lion.  Walk via Remenham Hill, Culham Court, Remenham and Thames Path.
Janet 01491 873658, mob on day only 07798 770630.

Sun 19 Sep – Ewelme, 10 miles.

Meet 10:00am Ewelme, SU647912.  Walk to Chalgrove returning via Brightwell Baldwin and Britwell Salome.
Robert and Christine 950 7696, mobs R 07810 364161, C (on day only) 07587 852659.

Wed 22 Sep – Shiplake, 5 miles.

Meet 10:30am at Memorial Hall car park, Memorial Avenue, Shiplake SU764787.  5 miles via Shiplake Court Farm, Binfield Heath and Harpsden.
Tom 988 2515, mob 07483 227836.

Sat 25 Sep – A King Walk 6-7 miles.

Meet 10:00am King William IV PH, Hailey, SU643858, OX10 6AD.  Walk via Ipsden, Garson Farm, Scots and Homer Farms.
Janet 01491 873658, mob on day only 07798 770630.

Sun 26 Sep – Marlow, 9 miles.

Meet 10:00am at Quarry Wood Road on the south side of Marlow Bridge SU853858.  Walk up into the Chiltern Hills returning along the Thames towpath to take tea at the cafe in the park; 9 miles at an octogenarian pace.
Tom 988 2515, mob 07483 227836.

Wed 29 Sep – Through the Gates, 6 miles.

Meet 10:30am Nettlebed Kiln, SU702868.  An undulating walk via Howberrywood, Hayden Lane, through two ‘Club Gates’, Park Wood, Park Corner and Magpies.
Robert and Christine 950 7696, mobs R 07810 364161, C (on day only) 07587 852659.

Sun 03 Oct – Along The Thames, 7 miles.

Meet 10:00am Old Cattle Market car park (£2.20 for 5 hours) off New Road, Wallingford SU608892.  Walk via Brightwell-cum-Sotwell, Shillingford and Thames Path.
Robert and Christine 950 7696, mobs R 07810 364161, C (on day only) 07587 852659.

Wed 06 Oct – East Hendred, 6 miles.

Meet 10:30am East Hendred by church, SU459886.  Walk via West Hendred, Ginge and Ardington.
Paul and Joan 01235 525057, mob 07906 842020.

Sun 10 Oct – Midgham, 9 miles.

Meet 10:30am Midgham church, SU556671, for a figure of 9 walk via Midgham Park, Beenham and Douai Abbey.  Bring packed lunch.
Christabel 926 4134, mob on day only 07514 354500.

Wed 13 Oct – Goring, 6½ miles.

Meet 10:30am Goring Station.  Walk am round Streatley and pm round Goring so option to shorten the walk.  One hill in the morning.
Janet 01491 873658, mob on day only 07798 770630.

Sat 16 Oct – Woodcote 5½ miles.

Meet 10:15am Woodcote village hall car park, SU645821.  Circular walk via Dean Farm, Wroxhill Wood and Little Heath.  Optional drink/food at the Red Lion afterwards.
Janet 01491 873658, mob on day only 07798 770630.

Wed 20 Oct – Knowl Hill, 5½ miles.

Meet 10:30am Knowl Hill layby on A4, SU822794.  Walk via Bowsey Hill, Cayton Park, Juddmonte Farm stud and down Ashley Hill.  Bring packed lunch.
Christabel 926 4134, mob on day only 07514 354500.

Sun 24 Oct – Highmoor, 7 miles.

Meet 10:00am by Highmoor Trench, SU703857; about 0.75 miles from Highmoor, heading towards Nettlebed, turn right opposite the sign for the sawmill.  Park carefully along the lane.  About 7 miles around Shepherd's Green and Greys Court.
Pauline 947 1118, mob 07768 923841.

Wed 27 Oct – The Five Hills of Streatley, 5 miles.

Meet at 10:30am at National Trust car park, SU583806, RG8 9RB, on B4009 Streatley Hill towards Hampstead Norreys (RHS).  A short (5 miles) but quite hilly walk taking in Lardon Chase, Common Wood and Mutton Copse plus Lough Down if you still have the energy.  Golf Club half way hut is at the end of walk for bacon rolls and tea/coffee.
Vyv and Buddig 07771 877456.

Sun 31 Oct – Hampstead Norreys, 11 miles.

Meet 10:00am Hampstead Norreys village hall car park, SU526762.  Walk over the Berkshire Downs.
Tom 988 2515, mob 07483 227836.

Wed 03 Nov – Cane End 5 miles.

Meet 10:30am Park Lane, Cane End, SU677801, park on verge.  5 miles via Hook End and Rumerhedge Farm returning through Withy Copse.
Tom 988 2515, mob 07483 227836.

Sat 06 Nov – A walk to work up an appetite, 6 miles.

Meet 10:00am The Bull Inn at Stanford Dingley, SU576715, RG7 6LS. A walk taking in Scratchface Lane, Greathouse Walk, Bradfield College and River Pang.  Just right to work up an appetite for drinks and/or food at the refurbished The Bull.  Coffee stop along the way.
Vyv and Buddig 07771 877456.

Wed 10 Nov – Nuffield, 5 miles.

Meet 10:30am Nuffield church, SU667873, RG9 5SN.  About 5 miles, taking in a stretch which is Nott Wood and returning via English Farm.
Tim and Pauline 947 1118, mob 07899 744376.

Sat 13 Nov – Hailey, 7 miles.

Meet 10:00am at King William IV pub at Hailey, SU643858, OX10 6AD.  Park in top car park.  Walk via Ipsden Heath, Well Place, Grim’s Ditch and Woodhouse Farm.  Short stop for own refreshment.  Optional lunch/drink in pub at end.
Hilary 01491 680261 mob 07747 047078.

Wed 17 Nov – Around Mortimer, 5½ miles.

Meet 10:30am Mortimer village hall car park, SU655646.  Walk via Stratfield Mortimer, Tanhouse Bridge and Summerlug.
Robert and Christine 950 7696, mobs R 07810 364161, C (on day only) 07587 852659.

Sat 20 Nov – The John Baker Gate, 10 miles.

Meet 10:00am Peppard Common, SU709818, RG9 5LB.  Parking near Red Lion PH or around the green on the other side of the B481.  Walk via Sonning Common, Gallowstree Common, the John Baker gate and Kingwood Common.
Robert and Christine 950 7696, mobs R 07810 364161, C (on day only) 07587 852659.

Wed 24 Nov – Ashenbury, 5 miles.

Meet 10:30am Ashenbury Park, Woodley, car park SU772741.  Walk across Ashenbury Park to the Loddon Nature Reserve, returning across Alder Moor.
Tom  988 2515, mob 07483 227836.

Sun 28 Nov – Hailey, 6 miles.

Meet 10:00am King William IV pub upper car park, SU642858.  A 6 mile walk north-eastwards and return to pub for drink or optional lunch.
Tom 988 2515, mob 07483 227836.

Wed 01 Dec – Grand Anniversary Christmas Walks and Lunch

At Badgemore Park Golf Club, Henley-on-Thames, RG9 4NR, SU747831.
See Members Only/Club Events for details.

Sun 05 Dec – Around The Hagbournes, 7½ miles.

Meet 10:00am in Boham’s Road car park, Blewbury, SU525855.  Ramble through Upton, West and East Hagbourne, returning via Mill Brook and Blewbury Mill. Bring own food or visit Savages Nurseries in Blewbury at the end for lunch.
Dave 947 5074, mob 07972 580232.

Wed 08 Dec – Peppard Common, 5 miles.

Meet 10:30am Red Lion, Peppard Common SU709819.  Walk via Sonning Common, Rotherfield Greys.  Some hills.
Ian and Pauline 969 3449.

Sat 11 Dec – Whitchurch Hill, 8 miles.

Meet 10:00am at the Sun Inn, Hill Bottom, Whitchurch Hill, SU642793, RG8 7PU.  Park in pub car park or on road nearby.  Walk to Thames Path, Gatehampton and back via Great Chalk Wood  7½-8 miles.  Short stop for own refreshments en route and finish with pre-Christmas drink and/or lunch in pub.
Hilary 01491 680261, mob 07747 047078.

Sun 12 Dec – Over Ashley Hill, 8 miles.

Meet 10:00am in The Horns pub car park, Crazies Hill, SU800809, RG10 8LY. Walk via Warren Row and Ashley Hill to Hurley, then back on Thames Path and Rose Lane, or possibly the other way round.
Dave 947 5074, mob 07972 580232.

Wed 15 Dec – Knowl Hill 5 miles.

Meet 10:30am at Knowl Hill lay-by, SU822794, for warm mulled wine and mince pies to alert the Christmas spirit.  Then walk north to Lot Wood and Ashley Hill and along the Chiltern Way to Warren Row stopping for coffee & cake at the Velo-Life cafe and return.
Tom  988 2515, mob 07483 227836.

Sun 19 Dec – Third and Final Wooded Out Walk, 11 miles.

Meet 10:00am The Rising Sun at Witheridge Hill, SU696840, RG9 5PF for the full 11 mile woodland walk that combines the previous two (an option to cut short at 7 miles) with at least 10 miles in woodland.  Snack break along the way (in a wood) and an option of refreshments at the end in the pub.
Vyv and Buddig 07771 877456.

Sat 25 Dec           To Ramblers Everywhere.
Wed 29 Dec – Christmas Pudding shake down, 5½ miles.

Meet 10:30am at the Old King Charles Head pub, SU664787, RG8 7RL.  (Turn left off A4074 at Chazey Heath past entrance to Caversham Heath Golf Course and continue for 2½ miles).  Parking opposite house.  Walk via Nuney Green, Oaken Wood, Whitchurch Hill and Collins End.
Peter and Hilary 01491 680261, mob 07747 047078.